EGO Performance Training, now based out of Carlsbad, California, is for athletes who are of an elite calibre or who strive to become of an elite calibre and are interested in working directly with one of the premiere sports high performance coaches in the world. If this sounds like you or one of your athletes and if you are dedicated to intensive, science-driven, intelligent training, and most importantly, if you are exuberant about your sport of choice, perhaps you should investigate training with Coach Munford and his EGO sports high performance training methodology.

Founded in 1994, EGO Performance Training is the elite athlete High Performance Sport Training branch of the CPEC group of companies.

EGO is the acronym that elite high performance sport coach, Chris Munford, uses to describe his philosophy and methodology he employs in working with the teams, athletes, performance coaches and medical practitioners that seek out his expertise.

EGO Performance Training (EGO standing for Everything Goes at Once), uses a strict science-based protocol in all its stages, facets and protocols in delivering elite optimized training and rehabilitation for sports high performance. Every sport, every position within a given sport, and every athlete, has a uniqueness which must be fully analyzed and understood in a scientifically-grounded protocol in the creation and delivery of useful, successful high performance sports training.

Chris is at the forefront of high performance training. His relentless pursuit of science driven-training is unique and rare in north america and he has been an excellent and insightful source to me over the years.

- Thomas Dimitroff 

General Manager Atlanta Falcons & 2 time NFL executive of the year

Sports performance, itself, is inherently function defined. Therefore the training for optimized sports high performance necessarily needs to be functional. In the EGO method, functional training is viewed as the training of the body in direct relationship to its inherent biomechanical and neurological design and in relationship to the sport of participation. Anatomically modern human beings have evolved to operate or function in a way that Coach Munford calls “Globally”; meaning functioning in multiple planes, using multiple joints and multiple biomechanical/neurological instigators and assistors through multiple ranges of movement simultaneously against a background of general instability…Everything Goes at Once, globally.

Although Chris receives numerous requests for training, he eschews a large client volume approach and only works with a limited number of athletes and strictly on a one-to-one basis in order to ensure full-attention athlete-specific, science-based high performance sports results driven training. Each athlete must therefore apply to train with Coach Munford and go through an interview process.

Maximized Performance is not luck-based. If science-based, intelligently planned, executed and realized sports results matter to you or your athlete, take a look at Coach Chris Munford’s sport-specific, position-specific, athlete-specific EGO Performance Training.