Athletic Performance

Behind the Scenes: A Casual Look at Coach Munford Analyzing an Olympic Caliber Athlete

In the process of doing our on-going series on renowned elite athlete maximized High Performance Training Coach, Chris Munford, we have gained an insight into the science driven methodology he applies to all things sports performance related. While Coach Munford’s signs strict confidentiality agreements with the pro and international-class athletes he works with, we were allowed to film a working assessment session that Coach recently did on an Olympic hopeful triple jumper.

Kenan Shadd is a Canadian international-caliber triple jumper who along with a member of his Jumps coaching team, Mike Gallaso, visited with Coach Munford. Kenan has been battling an injury problem manifesting itself in knee problems and is frustrated because he has not been able to train consistently for years. Gallaso, a former collegiate long jumper and now a performance coach who mentored under Coach Munford brought his athlete to in to have Coach assess Kenan and provide direction in returning him to healthy maximized performance.

For your viewing pleasure, we have condensed a 3-hour session into about 27 minutes of watching Coach Munford go about ‘figuring out’ Keenan. (Coach Munford was stringent in having us note that the video only shows parts of the assessment process and not the “real work” of tediously scientifically analyzing the video of the session and any insights and opinions he expresses are exactly just that until he fully completes the analyses process and provides a return-to-play strategy).