Bio – Chris Munford

Chris Munford - President EGO PerformancePossessing a unique blend of extensive experience (25 years) and education (European-based Masters degree), Chris is widely considered to be one of the world’s leading experts and practioners in the field of High Performance Sports Training. A former professional athlete himself, (6-year career in the Canadian Football League), Chris lectures and teaches performance coaches and medical practitioners around North America on sports performance and rehab strategies.

In his professional-sports activities, the former inaugural Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Charlotte Bobcats of the NBA, Chris currently is hired to consult directly for the performance and medical staff for NBA and NFL teams and works individually with NFL, NBA, CFL, MLB and DBL (Deutsche Bundesliege) athletes.

Chris is at the forefront of high performance training. His relentless pursuit of science driven-training is unique and rare in north america and he has been an excellent and insightful source to me over the years.

- Thomas Dimitroff 

General Manager Atlanta Falcons & 2 time NFL executive of the year

In the realm of amateur athletics, Chris has and continues to high performance train athletes who have competed in NCAA and CIS championships; athletes who have competed in 11 World Championships, 4 Olympic games, 3 Pan-AM games; and countless other provincial, state, national and international competitions in the sports of basketball, football, baseball, hockey, track & field, cross-country, field hockey, ice-hockey, volleyball, soccer, swimming and rugby. Chris is the strength-training (rate of force development) and assessment bio-mechanics consultant for Speed River Track and Field’s Olympic/international-class runners.

In an effort to be global in his methodology Chris took an international approach to his education. He did his undergraduate degree at Simon Fraser University (Burnaby, B.C.), his Athletic Performance Specialist certification in San Francisco and his graduate degree – Masters for Athletic Movement and Conditioning – in Frankfurt, Germany.

Munford on High Performance Sports Training …the singular goal for sports training is to achieve the maximal possible result in the actual sport the athlete participates in. Training need be efficient and is only so if this maximal result is achieved with a minimal expenditure of energy and time. High Performance Sports training therefore must be painstakingly planned and executed with as much detail, relevant information and correct science-based application as possible. To do otherwise is perhaps to not train for High Performance…