The high performance training for maximum sports results with the least expense of time and energy is a highly complex, highly detailed and ultimately science-driven undertaking. While the time/energy expense of the athlete should be as low as is possible to achieve as high a result as possible, the time/energy and intellectual expense of the high performance coach is daunting!

The high performance coach needs to completely understand the sport, the positions of the sport the athlete plays, the physiological and psychological requirements of the sport and the playing position demands placed upon the athlete. This requires a scientifically driven in-depth procedure and analytical process to fully understand the needs of the athlete in relationship to the sport (s)he plays. This is the starting place of Coach Munford’s EGO Performance Training methodology.


  • Each athlete who wishes to train with Coach Munford undergoes a series of 2-3 interviews during which (s)he is assessed for his/her psychological compatibility in potentially training with Coach Munford. This also allows the athlete to assess whether (s)he feels comfortable in training with Chris. We strongly advise that the athlete’s sport-coach, or parent as may be the case, also attend these sessions.
  • To completely understand the physiological requirements of the sport of participation, we ask the athlete to provide game film of the sport (one tape of the best player in the world in the position that the athlete plays, and one tape of the best athlete in the trainee’s age-group). If the athlete is unable to provide, we locate such film ourselves. We undertake a detailed and exhaustive BoM analysis. This involves, timing, typecasting, describing and categorizing each specific bout of movement a player goes through in the playing of a sport for an entire game. For example, a two-step linear burst is a different BoM than the movement that begins on the third step that veers slightly sideward’s. This slightly altered step can put the body in a different angular position and causes a different inter-relation of body parts. This can be a very tedious process (a point guard in basketball can display 5,000 different BoM in a half of basketball!), however to truly understand all the physiological elements of the sport and prepare the training program to address these elements, this is a vital and necessary undertaking of legitimately trained high performance sports coaches. We do this and try to use the “best of the best” at the position you play as a bench mark toward which to drive your training.
  • We ask the athlete provide us with game film of him/herself playing and then we undertake the same BoM analysis that we described above. We now have a complete understanding of your present physiological status during performance and can compare it to a standard bearing athlete.
  • We undertake a full biomechanical analysis using a sound scientific methodology.
  • There are some systems out there which do this (the FMS and the Body Map to name but a few), unfortunately they are dramatically lacking, produce no normative values, do not use a science-based protocol of redundancy creation and quite frankly are so incomplete in their thoroughness that I hold them in very low esteem. They are, however, simple and easy to do.
  • EGO Performance Training analyses are redundancy based, completely thorough, filmed using Dartfish technology, analyzed and are neither simple or easy to do. They do however provide (outside of sports performance laboratories), the best possible and therefore absolutely necessary analytical information about your biomechanical make-up inclusive of flaws (injury potential markers and performance barriers) and functional chain interrupters.
  • Using Myotest technology, we do a full spectrum assessment and analysis of all aspects of Rate of Force (RoF) development to fully understand what the athlete’s strength, power, speed, and rates of those elements are. Outside of a high performance lab, Myotest testing provides the most reliable, highest degree of evidence-based results that help to understand athletic profiles and therefore scientifically drive high performance sports training.
  • We consult directly with your sport coaches to garner an understanding of what your coaches feel is your in-game profile.
  • The goal here is to determine what others think are your playing strengths and at-needs areas in order to ensure that your training is continually directed towards achieving the highest possible actual sports performance result.
  • Using all the information we gather from all the assessments Coach Munford creates your EGO high performance training program.
  • Your training protocol is 360-degrees in nature as it considers and incorporates all elements of what goes into your performance in your sport.
  • Your training protocol is 360-days in nature in that it is designed from Day 1 to Day of Ultimate performance (as in your Olympic final), or Ultimate Performances (as in the various games, playoffs and championship that makes up your season). Coach Munford uses an Eastern European pioneered protocol in doing this in that he starts from the day of your most important event(s) and works backwards to the start of your training in organizing the workouts.
  • Day 1 of training begins!!!
  • Coach Munford implements his 360/360 EGO High Performance training program and directly trains you 1-to-1.
  • Each session is taped, filmed and analyzed and dissected before the next training session in order to make intelligent adjustments to continually ensure your training is efficiently and scientifically driven towards performance.
  • Sound nutritional practices are a central part of reaching peak sports performance.
  • As with all aspects of EGP Performance Training, we adhere to science/evidence-based protocol in regards to sports nutrition. That protocol is grounded in whole-foods-based nutritional strategies and education. Therefore we strictly refer our athletes to only sports-grade Registered Dieticians (RD) to help our athletes to find healthy, performance-maximizing nutrition.
  • Once we have undertaken the Personality/Compatibility Assessment and analysis, we recommend a specific RD to assist you with maximized performance nutrition